Development Programme Overview

Welcome to the UAF Development Programme: a structured development programme designed to support you in achieving you goals throughout your five year fellowship.

The programme is unique to Leeds and has been developed in consultation with Deans and other leading academics across all nine University faculties. It is structured around the themes of research and innovation, student education, personal effectiveness and academic leadership, considering how these link together and connect with the other key themes in our strategic plan: partnerships, enterprise, international, campus and people.

Our aim is to provide you with support that allows you to achieve your own goals and to play an important role in helping the University realise its strategic objectives and continue to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

The programme provides opportunities to learn about the University and for us to learn from your experience.  You’ll meet and work with other new Academic Fellows, and will have access to a mentor (or mentors) who will work with you to discuss your development and support you with challenges or questions you might have.

In these pages you will find key information about each of the sessions and a range of additional support that will allow you to engage with the programme and to ensure you can access the support you need at the time that you need it.