Environment, Cohort 2

Details on the cohort 2 UAF’s appointed in the Faculty of Environment.


Dr Natasha Barlow, N.L.M.Barlow@leeds.ac.uk

UAF in Sea-level rise and coastal impacts, School of Earth and Environment


Dr John Elliott, J.Elliott@leeds.ac.uk

UAF in Active Tectonics and Earthquake Hazard, School of Earth and Environment


Dr David Ferguson, D.J.Ferguson@leeds.ac.uk

UAF in Volcanic and Magmatic Processes, School of Earth and Environment


Dr Stephen Hall, S.Hall@leeds.ac.uk

UAF in Sustainable and Resilient Cities, School of Earth and Environment


Dr Michael Janoschka,

UAF in Critical Urban Transformations


Dr Graeme Lloyd,

UAF in Vertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution


Dr Nik Lomax, N.M.Lomax@leeds.ac.uk

UAF in Spatial Data Analytics for Population Research, School of Geography


Dr Robin Lovelace, R.Lovelace@leeds.ac.uk

UAF in Transport and Big Data Analytics, Institute for Transport Studies


Dr Katharine Pangbourne, K.J.Pangbourne@leeds.ac.uk

UAF in Smart Travel Behaviour, Institute for Transport Studies