Charles Fox

Job Title: UAF in Vehicle & Road Automation

I’m currently running an all-industrial InnovateUK project developing autonomous agricultural vehicles in partnership with three SMEs.   I build Bayesian pattern recognition systems for the robots including navigation (SLAM), machine vision and sensor fusion algorithms.  (


I’m based in Leeds’ Institute for Transport Studies working with autonomous vehicle researchers in the Satefy and Technology group here.  The group mostly works with on-road systems including self-driving cars and one of the world’s leading driving simulators.  (


Before Leeds, I studied CompSci BA at Cambridge, Cognitive Science MSc at Edinburgh, (Information) Engineering DPhil at Oxford.  I have previously worked as a hedge fund quant, highways agency subcontractor and Sheffield Robotics researcher.



I’m very interested in getting in touch with other researchers and especially UAFs in robotics, pattern recognition, machine vision, big data analytics, machine learning as well as with anyone working in other fields that could benefit from collaboration with these topics.   Both for generating grant ideas and more generally to meet new people and ideas, so please drop me a mail if you have interesting things to talk about!