Daniel Ruprecht

Job Title: UAF in Real-Time Engineering Simulation

As a University Academic Fellow for real-time engineering simulations at the School of Mechanical Engineering, I will develop and implement new mathematical algorithms for computer simulations on massively parallel computers. Since modern supercomputers are comprised of hundreds of thousands of compute cores, harnessing their enormous computing power requires sophisticated mathematical methods. These then have to be implemented efficiently in modern software and often have to be optimised for a specific problem to really shine. Working at the Faculty of Engineering in Leeds will be a great opportunity for me to apply my methodological developments to real-world problems from engineering.


Particularly, I focus on novel methods for the solution of initial value problems that offer concurrency along the time axis, so-called parallel-in-time integration methods: you can consult http://www.parallelintime.org/ for information on this very dynamic field of research. Traditionally, parallelisation efforts have been focussed mainly on the spatial dimension. The enormous challenges in high-performance computing on the path to exascale machines, however, are fuelling interest in novel approaches. As a scientist working in interdisciplinary field of computational science and engineering, my research involves aspects of applied mathematics, computer science and computational engineering.


Originally, I have a background in applied mathematics. Before coming to Leeds, I was a postdoc at the Institute of Computational Science in the Faculty of Informatics at Universita della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland. In 2013, I have spent two months as visiting researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US and in 2012 I was a substitute professor at the Heinrich-Heine Universitaet Duesseldorf in Germany.


I studied mathematics and meteorology at Freie Universitaet in Berlin, Germany where I also completed my doctorate in 2010 with a dissertation on multi-scale mathematical modelling of atmospheric gravity waves. You can find my ORCID profile at http://orcid.org/0000-0003-1904-2473.


Website: https://www.engineering.leeds.ac.uk/people/mechanical/staff/d.ruprecht