Darren Tomlinson

Job Title: UAF in Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Biology

I received a graduate degree from Edinburgh in developmental biology and subsequently studied the role of tyrosine kinase receptors in oncology. In 2010 I became the group leader of the BioScreening Technology Group at the University of Leeds where I established a high-throughput screening platform and developed a novel molecular recognition technology termed Adhiron (commercial known as Affimers). I was recently funded through an Avacta Life Sciences Fellowship and the University Academic Fellowship to focus on using Adhirons to generate large libraries that can be used as screening tools to study function in cells. In particular my group is developing modulators protein domains important for mediating protein-protein interactions (SH2 domains), proteins that act as molecular switches in signalling cascades (GTPases) and developing inhibitors to transmembrane proteins (tyrosine kinase receptors and ion channels).