Edwin Chen

Job Title: UAF in Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Biology

My research attempts to understand the molecular cues which drive genome instability in haematological malignancies. For this, I am focusing on a family of pre-leukaemic disorders called the chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms. These disorders are genetically and biologically very similar but differ in their innate predisposition to acquire chromosomal rearrangements, and thus, are able to give us a window into the molecular changes that affect genome integrity during the evolution of a nascent neoplasm. By analysing transcriptional and mutational profiles of primary tumour material from patients with these disorders, we have identified numerous novel cell processes (such as epigenetic regulation, nuclear architecture, ubiquitinylation and SUMOylation pathways) which become subverted during disease evolution.


As a University Academic Fellow in Cancer Biology at Leeds, I am keen to understand the interaction of these processes with genome integrity in leukaemic cells in the hopes of facilitating the development of new therapeutics which can target these molecular changes.