Jasjit Singh

Job Title: UAF in Religious & Cultural Transmission

My name is Dr Jasjit Singh. I currently live in North Leeds with my wife and two children. Having worked in Information Technology for 15 years I returned to academia in 2005, completing an MA (with distinction) in 2008 and a PhD (recognised for research excellence) in 2012.My research examines the religious lives of British South Asians with a particular focus on understanding processes of religious and cultural transmission. To date my research has focused on traditional arenas of religious learning (including the family environment and religious institutions) and newer arenas of transmission often organised by young people including camps, University faith societies and the Internet. More recently, I have examined the role that the arts and music in religious learning.


My University Academic Fellowship in Religious and Cultural Transmission is based in the School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science (PRHS) and will focus on understanding the role of media, in particularly minority religious media, as a means through which South Asians learn about religion and culture. Although a number of studies have explored how South Asians are represented in mainstream British media (e.g. Malik 2001) and how they engage with media based in the Indian subcontinent (e.g. Gillespie 1995), little scholarship has examined the role played by minority religious media based in Britain. This research will be an important addition to debates about how South Asians learn about religion. Having appeared on the BBC and Sikh media on a number of occasions and having been chosen as one of the BBC BAME Expert Voices I will co-produce this research with representatives from the BBC and other mainstream channels, representatives from minority religious media channels, policy makers and other key stakeholders. Further details can be found on my website (http://arts.leeds.ac.uk/jasjitsingh). I am also on twitter (@DrJasjitSingh) and Academia.edu (http://leeds.academia.edu/JasjitSingh).