Murod Aliyev

Job Title: UAF in International Business

I first came to the University of Leeds in 2002 to do MA in Economics and Finance. Having successfully completed the course, I started working as an economist at a General Motors subsidiary in Uzbekistan. Working for a multinational enterprise (MNE) with global reach I developed immense interest in international business. After accumulated some industrial experience, in 2008 I applied for a PhD with an idea of research on the impacts of institutional transformation on the automotive industry in emerging economies. I was awarded Tetley Lupton and ORS scholarships to fund my doctoral research.

After completing my PhD in Economics in 2012, I joined the Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds (CIBUL) as a post-doctoral research fellow. CIBUL is a world renowned research centre with extremely motivating research environment. My overall research agenda is to improve our understanding of the impacts of institutional transformation in emerging economies on behaviour and performance of MNEs. Understanding MNE behaviour in various institutional environments leads to managerial implications on the benefits of investing in emerging economies, and policy implications on capturing the gains of knowledge and technology brought by MNEs in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

I am very happy to become the University Academic Fellow. It opens an exciting pathway towards achieving my academic aspirations. It gives me an opportunity to take my research to the next level and make my contribution towards enriching the scholarly knowledge on sustainable development.


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