Niamh Forde

Job Title: UAF in Reproduction & Early Development

I am really excited to take up my appointment as University Academic Fellow in Reproduction and Early Development within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Leeds in September 2015. Throughout my Pre- and Post- Doctoral training the main focus of my research programme has been to use cutting edge technologies to understand the molecular physiology of female reproduction. One of the most fruitful areas of research I have investigated has been in the area of bovine uterine biology, with a specific emphasis on the mechanisms that underpin establishing uterine receptivity to implantation, successful maintenance of early pregnancy, as well as addressing how the hormone progesterone modifies these functions. In order to understand the molecular interactions required for establishing successful early pregnancy I utilise both in vivo and in vitro models in conjunction with ‘omic’ technologies such as transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics to address these important biological questions.


I have published over 45 peer reviewed papers and more than 60 peer reviewed abstracts and have been an invited speaker at various International conferences and Academic Institutes. I also serve as consultant to the FAO/IAEA sections of the United Nations. In addition to my duties as an ad hoc reviewer for a number of journals, I am a serving member of the board of reviewing editors for the journal Biology of Reproduction and serve on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.


Additional details regarding my publications can be accessed through my Researchgate profile: