Natalia Riobo-Del Galdo

Job Title: University Academic Fellow

Dr. Riobo-Del Galdo (formerly Riobo) joined the University of Leeds as a University Academic Fellow in Signal Transduction in September, 2015 from Thomas Jefferson University, where she was Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She specialises in the field of signal transduction and has a particular interest for the Hedgehog signalling pathway and its role in homeostatic physiology and in cancer.


She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1997 with a Masters equivalent in Molecular Biology, and obtained her PhD in the same institution in 2001. She was offered a postdoctoral position with Dr. Charles P. Emerson Jr. at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, where she discovered the complexities of Hedgehog signalling and contributed to the discoveries of several connections with other signalling pathways that were lately shown to be crucial in understanding of signal crosstalk in cancer. The identification of Smoothened as a G protein-coupled receptor with Dr. David Manning drove her focus onto a series of unclear effects of Hedgehog signalling that do not respond to the classical transcriptional response involved in embryonic tissue patterning. Since becoming an independent investigator, Natalia has been working on dissecting these non-canonical pathways and their role in physiology and disease.




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