Nicolas Salazar Sutil

Job Title: UAF in Digital Performance

I am a cultural theorist and digital movement art practitioner. My work currently explores the notion of “postanimism”, inspired by the works of Bill Viola, Jeffery Shaw, Chris Milk, Scott Draves, etc. I am working on international collaborative research involving the study of cultural notions of mediated spirit, as expressed in somatic and physical practices. We are seeking AHRC and Leverhulme support to carry out digital environmental art research that addresses the intangible movement art produced by groups living in the Amazon rainforest; and the kinaesthetic immersive experience found in cave environments containing animistic parietal art. My work is prompted by a desire to acquire intangible knowledges drawing on posthistorical and non-Western epistemologies, and to build a cultural and materialist critique of a Western technologization and capitalist rationalisation of living, besouled movement.


You can check my more tangible work at: