Nicole Hondow

Job Title: UAF in Advanced Manufacturing & Materials

I have been appointed as a University Academic Fellow in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, based in the School of Chemical and Process Engineering. My interest is in materials characterisation, specifically using analytical electron microscopy in the examination and quantification of nanomaterials in complex matrices. I joined the University as a postdoctoral research fellow after completing my postgraduate studies in Chemistry in Australia, and have recently held an independent AXA Research Fellowship.


Engineered nanomaterials are being exploited in numerous areas including medicine, catalysis, energy and the environment; however, continued use and growth only comes with an understanding of structure property relationships. I am particularly interested in the action of nanomaterials at the interface with life sciences; this concerns the action of particles with cells (e.g. human, animal) and environmental or biological dispersions.


As such, I am involved in interdisciplinary research spanning analytical science in both the physical and biological disciplines, and one of my primary aims is in the development of electron microscopy approaches to the quantification of nanomaterials.


My University profile can be seen here.