Peter Adams

Job Title: UAF in Synthetic Biology

A current focus of my research is to understand and manipulate the “light-harvesting” (LH) biomembranes involved in photosynthesis. Goals include: (i) to mimic the natural stacked membrane systems to provide a platform for understanding LH membrane protein/lipids, (ii) to generate functional nanoscale 3-D patterns of membranes on solid supports, (iii) to build new bio/hybrid photonic devices.


I obtained my BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology at University of Sheffield in (2004-2007) and PhD at University of Sheffield (2007-2011) researching organisation and function of membrane proteins of photosynthetic bacteria. I then took up a Postdoctoral Research Scholar position (2012-2014) at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, part of Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA), where I gained insight into biomimetic systems, lipopolysaccharide and polymers. Subsequently, I joined the Molecular and Nanoscale Physics group (in Physics and Astronomy), a highly interdisciplinary group with interests from liquid crystals, extremophiles and biophysics of lipid membranes to medical research.


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