Richard Cubbon

Job Title: UAF in Molecular Discovery

I am a clinician-scientist with a principal interest in developing novel strategies to promote vascular repair and regeneration, particularly in people with diabetes. This is a major global public health challenge, with 10% of adults likely to suffer from diabetes by 2030, the majority of whom will die as a result of cardiovascular problems, such as heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, currently available therapies have failed to significantly impact on cardiovascular outcomes in people with diabetes, potentially because they have failed to address the unique mediators of vascular disease associated with diabetes.


Since moving to Leeds in 2003, I have trained as a cardiologist, whilst devoting most of my time to clinical and preclinical research supported by British Heart Foundation doctoral and intermediate fellowships. My research group is now conducting a portfolio of preclinical studies, which aim to better understand the pathophysiology of diabetic vascular disease, and use this knowledge harness endogenous vascular repair, either via drug development/repurposing or optimisation of emerging cell-based therapies. I also maintain a research interest in the clinical outcomes of patients with heart failure, and will soon begin developing work in cardiovascular molecular imaging. Finally, I have an emerging interest in understanding the cardiovascular implications of cancer therapy.