Viktoria Spaiser

Job Title: UAF in Political Science Informatics

I am a University Academic Fellow in Political Science Informatics at POLIS (School of Politics and International Studies). I am interested in applying mathematical and computer sciences approaches to social and political science research questions. I have a background in sociology, political science and computer science. My main focus is on using and further developing new methodological approaches in social and political sciences, like Bayesian statistics, dynamical systems modelling, data science approaches and agent based modelling. I have been working on a wide range of topics, including anti-Semitism, political participation (on the Internet), democratisation, development politics and segregation, using various sources of data, among others, register data, cross-country panel data and Twitter data. Currently, I am working on building an index for sustainable development goals (SDG) using a dynamical systems data-science approach. Specifically, I am using all the data provided by the World Bank, UN, Freedom House, etc. and analyse the data with a methodology, combing feature selection algorithms, dynamical systems modelling and ensemble learning algorithms to build an index that will be useful in the UN SDG framework.


In Leeds I will closely collaborate with LIDA (Leeds Institute for Data Analytics). My plan is to use smart phones to collect new types of data on people’s environmental behaviour in a field-experimental setup to understand how sustainability can be promoted in a society.


Please find further details on my website.