Year 2/3 – Overview

Please select one of the strands for the coming year which best addresses your specific development needs/priorities.  Please email with your preference.

Each of the strands can accommodate up to 20 participants so please indicate which of these strands you would like to attend and we shall work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  When you book on a strand, you will receive diary confirmations of all of the sessions contained within that strand.

Whilst we appreciate that you may not be able to make every date, the assumption is that, by selecting this strand, you are planning to attend the majority of the sessions so please check the dates set out in the strand summaries before you make your selection.  Otherwise you are taking up a place that another colleague may have been able to make better use of.

These strands will be available again next year (subject to your feedback) so if you do not get a place on your first choice you will be able to attend a different option next year.  However, the expectation is that all of our UAFs will engage with at least one of these strands in each of years 2 and 3 of the Scheme.