Year 2/3 – Strand 2 -The Role of Principal Investigator

The aim of this strand is to help prepare principal investigators for their role.  Those new to the role of Principal Investigator will typically have managed their own research activity and projects and will be familiar with the challenges presented by research, however they are less likely to have experience of managing large project budgets or recruiting, leading and managing a team of researchers.  This strand explores the challenges of being a Principal Investigator and will cover approaches for putting together and developing a team, managing finances and running projects.

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Building and developing a positive team environment

The aim of this session is to help you, as a team leader and manager, to explore approaches to building and maintaining teams to ensure peak performance.  The workshop will explore the characteristics of an effective team, approaches to building a strong team ethos and establishing clear roles that help to achieve shared goals.

Tuesday 15th November 2016, 13:00-16:00


Managing the Project

The focus of this session is to help principal investigators consider a range of techniques and strategies for managing research projects to a successful conclusion.  Research projects can involve a complex mix of financial constraints, people, deadlines and fast moving environmental factors alongside the complexities of the research itself.   This workshop will explore a range of case studies to help you identify some of the options available to you in managing challenging projects.

Wednesday 14th December 2016, 09:30-12:30


Financial Procedures for Principal Investigators

The aim of this session is to enable you to engage effectively with the University’s financial and research systems as a Principal Investigator.  The University has processes and procedures in place to both plan the use of its finances and ensure funding is spent appropriately.  The session will cover the use of KRISTAL (Knowledge Research Innovation System at Leeds), the University’s system for managing its research grant portfolio from pre-award through to post-award and the University’s financial policies and guidelines.

Thursday, 26 January 2017, 9.30-11.30


Managing conflict and difficult situations

The aim of this session is to help you understand how conflict can arise at work and how to deal with it effectively.  The people that make up groups and teams have a variety of backgrounds, values and identities which can lead to tensions, misunderstandings and conflict. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to develop tools and techniques to increase their flexibility and range of options when encountering conflict.

Wednesday 22nd March 2017, 13:00-16:00


Coaching skills

The aim of this session is to increase awareness of what a coaching style of leadership looks like.  It will highlight the benefits of adapting a coaching style and provide participants with some key tools to consider.  The workshop is highly interactive, with a blend of experiential and theoretical learning.  This combined approach seeks to equip participants with coaching tools to enhance the role of leader.

Wednesday 24th May 2017, 09:30-12:30